What we can do

The first step is always to say what is happening and to reflect on it with others. Small groups can work together to collect information and reflect on how to be better informed about the situation.

Reading the Bible helps! There are many stories in it that are related to migration; it’s good to know the movement of people has always been there. God is a God on the move whom we can meet in the stranger.

We can write to Members of the European Parliament, and invite them for a discussion.

Groups involved in “One World” work, and partnership groups that support projects, can exchange experiences with those involved in migration and refugee issues.

The situation in North Africa is new and affects all of us very directly.

Strait of Gibralta from Ceuta

Strait of Gibraltar (View from Ceuta)

What alternatives are there to refugee deterrence measures and what needs to be done to deal with the reasons that lead to people becoming refugees?

There are many church pronouncements and statements. It makes sense to fetch them out and to exchange views about them together.

If you don’t know the situation facing refugees in your own church or church district join together to do some research. Open days and mutual invitations help to build bridges. Inviting refugees and giving them an opportunity to speak heals our own society.

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