Prayer I

Suggestion for a prayer of intercession for those who have died at the borders of the European Union

we bring to you the weeping and wailing of the mothers of this world,
waiting for their children who have disappeared in the sea,
in the desert, in uncertainty:

men, women and children,
from the war zones of this world,
who are fleeing hunger and poverty,
in the hope of a better, more secure life.

We bring to you our lament for those who have died
stranded at our borders,
those who have died fleeing
through deserts, mountains and seas.
We call upon you and we join in the cry of those who
have died seeking justice and a better world.

Lord, we bring to you our shame
for turning away and remaining silent.
We have enough to eat in Europe – and do not see
that we also create the causes of hunger.
We are insatiable – and do not see that this is the cause of many wars.
We are silent, where we need to take action.

Lord, we bring before you political leaders,
who are not making decisions about mere numbers,
but about the fate of many individual human beings.
Sharpen their awareness of how things are interrelated.
Keep their consciences alert.
Let them develop rules that are guided by humanity and vision.

Lord, give us the strength to bear witness
to the suffering of your children on the run,
on their way to us,
at our borders,
in refugee camps and among us,
in detention, waiting to be deported,
in fear of the dangers that lie ahead,
in mourning for those who have died.
Help us, Lord.

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