Prayer for those who assist

Suggestion for a prayer of intercession for those who assist

Lord, there is a terrible injustice that is happening
and help is far away.
We who are helping often feel helpless and do not know
how to deal with what we encounter day after day.

Some of us have grown up in protected environments.
Never have we felt so close to misery and suffering
and we are afraid.

Friedhof illegaler Einwanderer

The only indication that this is a cemetery is the sign riddled with bullets that states: “Cemetery of illegal immigrants.”

No concept, no solution,
no political proposals in our country, in Europe.
Nothing that could be there and convince us that the suffering will have an end. A huge void, given that so many have died.
Shame and fine homilies.
No end to the lack of imagination.
We burn out at work and are afraid.
Many look away, do not allow themselves to be touched by what’s happening.
There’s almost nothing in the media – and what there is stokes only new fears.
Help us to remain open, to allow ourselves to be touched, and to remain steadfast.
Because we are witnesses to what is happening.
We are witnesses to the injustice experienced by the people who tell us their stories.
Lord, support us and help us
to maintain our stance in our society.
Help us to provide support and sanctuary to people who are fleeing.
Help us and them to live with their stories and to remain near to them.
Lord, be near to us.

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